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Does anyone else do Mac & Cheese like this?

loveyournoms | Apr 26, 201701:01 PM     1

I have tried many versions of stove top mac and cheese- like many, I grew up with the blue box but I never loved it (I can't remember a time in my life when I wasn't picky). I've tried bechamel, eggs and some evaporated milk, and finally this method, which I prefer for a few reasons:
1. I can really taste the cheese. To me, the other methods trade strong cheesy flavor for richness or creaminess.
2. It only requires 1 pot. I am LAZY. This is a meal for those days when I am too braindead to pull together anything else, so the lack of dishes is a blessing.
3. It's simple and tasty without being too heavy or greasy.
I'm certainly not saying this is the best way to make stove top mac and cheese, but I haven't seen anyone else mention it here, and it's my favorite.
Basically, I use the linked recipe, except I parboil the macaroni until it's almost done, then drain and simmer in milk until it's totally done. I add in some cayenne, some mustard (dijon or powdered), butter, a little garlic, and a tiny dash of Worcestershire, then slowly stir in some grated cheese over low (or no) heat until it's melted. My favorite cheeses are fontina, swiss, and havarti.
I'm just wondering- has anyone else tried this? What are your thoughts?

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