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Lychee Sorbet @ Yoogo Gelato, SF


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Lychee Sorbet @ Yoogo Gelato, SF

Melanie Wong | Jun 25, 2005 01:37 AM

Thursday I gave Yoogo Gelato, home of Chowfun's infamous ovaltine gelato encounter, a try.


I had a taste of chocolate, which had a burnt rubber off-note and chalky texture, and black sesame which had some richness and intensity but an oily near rancid aftertaste.

In the end I picked chocolate hazelnut gelato and lychee ice cream. The gelato was ok, though the chocolate component was too weak and the rough ground bits of hazelnut were a far cry from the velvety texture of an Italian gianduja. But I did like the lychee sorbet with its frozen nubs of fruit and concentrated flavor. It was on the sweet side, but that seemed to enhance its fruitiness.

The texture and body reminded me very much of La Copa Loca's and made me wonder whether there's a turn key gelato mix in use. I had asked the friendly countergirl if the gelatos were housemade. She turned away from me and said, "no". I then asked who the producer was and she said she didn't know. The website linked below says the Yoogo makes its own, so I don't know what the real story is.


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