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LV/Henderson: Outlaw Barbecue and Chili - Avoid

LaserGecko | Jun 5, 200807:11 AM

The only illegal things about this place is what they do to their pork and what they charge for it.

This place used to be Red Rock Chili Company. I only made it there once...sadly. It was great for a chain.

They tried to expand their market by changing and adding barbecue. It's just freaking horrible. While I know I smelled smoke before we walked in (don't eat at a Q joint if you don't!), the ribs were boiled first. You might as well eat at Tony Roma's if you want parboiled ribs! They sucked, but they made up for it by being horribly expensive, too. Not a lick of pink to the meat anywhere, just gray lifeless and tasteless pork.

Shame on you and what you did that to pig!

Outlaw BBQ has a shelf of "Other People's Sauces". Too bad it's just an big advertisement for places you should have gone instead. They didn't even have any of THEIR sauce available. ...the hell?

My "Frito Boat" (remember, this used to be a chili place) was $5.99. It was a small SIDE sized bowl of Fritos with about a 1/4 cup of chili on top. The diameter of the bowl was barely bigger than 4". Luckily for us, it was close to closing time so they gave me some extra chili for my....OH WAIT, THEY DIDN'T. It's a good thing you were breaking down the line ten minutes after we ordered and got all that chili back into the refrigerator instead! I wouldn't want you to have to give people their money's worth.

Seriously. Six freaking bucks for a side dish???? Why wasn't it listed on the Side Dishes menu instead of the Main Course section? Heck, Jason's Deli (no relation) only charges $4.99 and gives you almost three times as much.

My wife's baked potato was late coming out. Fine, we understand. However, don't serve one that's 200° after just coming out of the microwave...and still not cooked through. Her replacement macaroni and cheese was similarly nuked. It was so hot at the end of our meal that it was barely edible.

My son's Grilled Cheese was pretty good, though. He didn't like it, but since I made the mistake of coming into the place being hungry, I was scrounging for anything edible from our $29 meal. Yes, $29...and I had a $6 bowl of Fritos and a drink and my son had a grilled cheese. WTF?

The owner or manager was there, too. He's a balding middle aged guy who you'd probably think just bought a Corvette since his divorce. He has "that look".

Please note: Your High School blond counter help is jailbait. You should show more interest in your customers than flirting with her. We couldn't decide what was more disgusting: Your complete disdain for your customers, you putting the moves on the Kinder, or the food.

We got the feeling that this place was going out of business.

Good. The sooner, the better.

If you're considering eating here, grab a hot dog from 7-Eleven instead, then punch yourself in the mouth after you eat it. You'll save yourself some serious cash and have a more enjoyable culinary experience.

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