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Can you just use lumber for a "custom" cutting board?


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Can you just use lumber for a "custom" cutting board?

Steady Habits | Dec 9, 2008 11:02 PM

Except for proteins, for which I use and will continue to use dishwasher-able plastic boards, I prefer wood. But the manufactured wood boards I have aren't doing it for me. (And they're from leading makers.)

I want to know, if I went to a local millworker or lumber yard, could they just cut me a single piece of maple of the size and thickness I want? Is lumber like that treated with chemicals that would make it food-unsafe? I just want a big slab of maple that I can coat with a bunch of coats of mineral oil. What about maple they use for counters?

And...any other woods I should think about? Is maple best for knife edges?

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