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Luka's Taproom & Lounge (Take Two)

Cecelia | Apr 28, 200602:30 AM     2

We couldn't resist. The atmosphere (pinball machine, pool table, Centipede, great drinks, phenomenal food and a happening place) lured us back for a second dinner. What an all round terrific experience.

We tried to make a last minute reservation, but only got the answering machine, so a party of three took a chance. The hostess seated us immediately in a booth at the back of the long room. Moments later the bread to lay down and die for arrived with sweet butter and, again, those radish slices. This time we vowed to limit ourselves to only one plate (Doomed, of course).

We ordered the oysters granite and the charcuterie plate again. Just as fabulous as last night. This time, though, we ordered a second of the oysters and pled for extras of the amazing cornichons served with the charcuterie. With just these two plates I could have gone home a happy camper (with my HANGAR ONE cocktail, of course).

But we didn't stop there. No. We weren't finished with the appetizers. Next on our hit list was the prawn & scallop cocktail (9.00). Is Yummmmmmmmm a word? Served with tender avocado and radish juliennes, another must try. And the cocktail sauce--not to spicy but with a great kick. We wondered if they made a Bloody Mary with the essence of the cocktail sauce.

But we still felt a hankering for seafood, so ordered the yellow fin tuna wrapped in bacon (11.00). The tuna was cooked perfectly. The bacon, though, was limp, not really crispy. However, the arugula and potato salad was too die for.

On to the Entrees? No. Let's try the artichoke and leek tart (9.00). Plated with a too salty arugula salad, the tart couldn't have been better-- a silky mixture of chevre cheese and the artichokes/leeks. Nothing left but the salad when the dust settled.

We had to taste the asparagus soup (6.50) & thank god we did. Heaven only knows how they made the soup so creamy, but the flavor was pure asparagus. (The waitress admitted to a tad of cream) Topped with an amazing lemony creme fraiche, the soup bowl sat square in the middle of the table because no one of us could bare to hand it over to the other two.

We had room for only one entree--the ribeye steak served with perfectly grilled asparagus and semolina frites (24.00). First, the steak was tender and juicy and cooked to a tee. Second, the sauce was a reduction that called for bread sopping. Finally, the frites. Not hushpuppies, not french fries, but shear heaven nonetheless.

Ok, we were about to leave when the waitress returned (and the service was great this night. In last night's report, I didn't mean to complain about the service as much as I meant to praise the fun and the food) with the dessert menu. We had to try the beignet served with a blackberry coulis and hard chocolate wafers (5.00?). Piping hot and dusted with powdered sugar, they may not have been pure New Orleans, but I didn't care. They were phenomenal.

Oh, and the house red wine from K Vitners in Columbia Valley. I'm not a wine queen, but for 6.00 a glass, it was a great accompaniement to the meal.

A cup of coffee and we were back at the Fun House pin ball machine.


P.S. The waitress let us know about the Eggs and Southern Brunch. In addition to the beignets, you can hunker down with Eggs Luka (scrambled eggs, smoked trout, creme fraiche and chives served with grits), braised oxtail, and yukon gold and sweet potato hash, buttermilk biscuits and sausage gravy, chicken fried steak and gravy, fried chicken, and, of course, the rib eye.

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