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Luger the Overrated - Long and Meandering


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Luger the Overrated - Long and Meandering

kevin | Mar 29, 2005 07:00 PM

I've been lurking on the outer boroughs boards for a while. And still I can't quite accept Luger's or Peter Luger's, whatever you happen to want to call it, as the best steak on earth in a restaurant. Went once and can't seem to see what the fuss is all about. Now I do like a meaty, tender, juicy, flavorful steak just like anyone else but this one did not seem to cut.

There may be a theory to its success though. Like the adventurous trek up to a slightly dodgey section of Brooklyn, in an old brick building. And then of course the German beer hall setting with the career gruff waiters what with there wisecracks, and condescension if you happen to ask for a menu for your fish eating only friend. peter luger's is pure and simply slumming at its finest. you eat such a high priced steak in such scruffy surroundings. The adventure of getting there and the atmosphere is better than the steak will ever be.

Now, on to the taste, I did get the "Porterhouse Steak for Two" (back at that time, i think it was about 65 bucks for the steak) and some german fried potatoes. The steak was sliced and there were bits clinging to the bone to but the flavor of the steak just didn't cut it. Where was the flavor? Sure beats me, it was tender, sort of meaty. But tenderness and slight meatiness do not necesasrily mean flavor and here that aptly applies. We did order it between medium rare and rare and it did come out perfectly cooked, so that was not a problem. So why was it such a letdown? It was.

the potatoes were potatoes, I don't if it's actually worth the 7 or 8 dollar investment though.

and lastly the chocolate mousse cake was ok, the schlag was good, but come on guys shclag is just merely glorified whipped cream at that, of course it doesn't come from an aeresol can, but it's just freshly whipped cream, good yes, but transcendent, probably no.

The trek there from taxi to williamsburg was nice, and being dropped off in a wharehousey area (of course, i had never been to the williamsburg section of brooklyn before), and the guys outside selling old videos in the market bazaar on a sunday at lunch time was pretty cool, and walking into the old time classic joint was interesting stuff. but the steak not so much.

Would the steak here be as great if it were served in one of the fashionable manhattan restuarants? probably not.

i know i'm gonna get shit for this post, but i'm gonna stand my grounds on this one. let me tell you, i like a really good slice of prime beef washed down with some bourbon and some potatoes, so I really wanted to like the place, but sadly this vaunted "institution" did not fit the bill. Of course, all the over-praise had definitely mitigated my initial experience too.

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