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No luck with Momen in Osaka... alternatives


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No luck with Momen in Osaka... alternatives

OliverB | Jul 21, 2014 07:24 AM

I'm bummed that we couldn't get into Momen for our November trip... our concierge informed us that they're booked solid until the end of the year and that it's difficult to get reservations even for regular customers.

I had Ippoh on my list as an alternative, but we are hoping to land a reservation at 7chobe in Tokyo (with Kondo as backup), so I wonder if this would feel redundant or a significant step down from that meal?

I also had Koyoshi for sushi and Hajime Yoneda.

We are spending 5 weeks in Japan and up to this point, have avoided any fusion or international cuisine. I'm not entirely sure about Hajime Yoneda as we are from San Francisco and this doesn't seem that different than restaurants such as Benu, Coi, Keiko a Nob Hill, etc. I could be mistaken; perhaps there is no comparisson?

I understand that it must be hard to offer advice given how vastly different all of these restaurant are in terms of style and cuisine, but is there one place which absolutely stands out as a must-visit?

We will have been in Kyoto for a full week prior to Osaka and eating high end kaiseki almost consecutively (Hyotei, Shoraian, Akiyama, Arashiyama, Hiiragiya, etc.). I think Gion Yata is our sole respite from over-the-top multi-course kaiseki and omakase.

I'm leaning heavily towards Koyoshi as a result. I just wanted to get a bit of feedback.

I should also note that the only reservation that we currently have in Osaka is at Kani Douraku Honten. Our hotel will be calling Kahala and Fujiya 1935 when they open their calendar for reservations for our dates of travel. Apart from these restaurants, we'll be doing the usual walk-in casual / late-night spots: Ganso Ajiho, Kuro-Chan, Mizuno, Daruma Kushiage Honten, Osaka Ohsho, Harijyu, Kamatake Udon, Kinryu-Ramen, etc.

I'm wondering how Koyoshi compares to the top end sushi counters in Tokyo? We will be visiting Endo Sushi at the Central Market for breakfast one morning. I assume you do not need reservations and that it's first-come, first-served with long lines at the door, similar to Sushi Dai at Tsukiji?

Anyhow, I'm really disappointed about Momen. Hopefully Kahala serves as a worthy alternative for the Kappo experience. I'm hoping to find someting equally special to replace Momen on our itinerary; any cuisine-style-price point.

Thanks for any input.

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