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Do your loved ones appreciate your home cooking/from scratch bling?

laraibcooks | Sep 3, 201709:01 AM     23

Whenever I make something and pour all my time and energy into it, some of my relatives just pick at it and it annoys the crap out of me so much that I've stopped offering it to them.

For example:

I have a shortbread recipie that my cousin loves so I make it for him a lot. In the original recipie you spread the dough out into a pan and score it and then cut it into sticks when you're done. One day I was short on time so I rolled the dough into a log and sliced it into discs so it would bake faster. Once done, instead of thanking me, he said I like the other ones better.

I made doughnuts for the first time recently and they weren't sweet enough I admit. Another cousin took a bite and immediately just said uhh it needs more sugar.

Another time for the shortbread cookie cousin, I made a birthday cake. I decorated it with berries and almonds and it looked beautiful. As soon as I walked into his door, he starts making fun of me for putting nuts on a cake. It made me wanna throw it out.

There's probably tons of other things.

Maybe some people are just physically not able to appreciate home cooking.

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