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Why Do We Love Tongue But Think Brains Are Disgusting?

oakjoan | Feb 16, 200810:36 PM

I wonder where these likes and dislikes spring from. I'd understand it if I disliked all organ meats because they were disgusting...but I love tongue (okay, okay, not an organ) and liver and can't stand sweetbreads or brains or kidneys. I actually do know when I decided brains were not for me. It was at a fancy dinner with my parents and their friends at a long-gone L.A. restaurant called Cafe de Paris. Somebody ordered brains. I didn't hear them. Shortly thereafter, a plate with a round object appeared. The round object was coated in mustard sauce. To my horror, as I watched, the sauce sank into the crenelations and I saw before me ....a BRAIN! Just like the one in the jar in Frankenstein movies. That was it! Now, years and years later I still have that revulsion whenever I think of eating brains.

Anybody have a clue?

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