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Anyone Else Not in Love with Thanksgiving Cuisine? [moved from Not About Food]


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Anyone Else Not in Love with Thanksgiving Cuisine? [moved from Not About Food]

NicoleFriedman | Nov 7, 2010 08:40 PM

I love Thanksgiving the holiday. Especially as it makes my husband so happy that he can emulate his father (who passed years ago) with his recipes. That being said, in general I find that thanksgiving meals in general are overly buttery, sweet and/or bland. Thankfully my husband tends to agree with me and adds more spice and almost no butter in his preparation... but this has been the exception to my experience. The worst was going out to eat thanksgiving in a restaurant (my family refused to let me cook- control issues in the kitchen:} ).... I realize that holidays are the worst time to be a chef and they have to prepare a gazillion orders at once, but does that mean that they have to serve over buttered, plain vegetable medley (green beans, carrots...) and over buttered, sickingly sweet yams? If we had gone to a diner every year I would not feel this way, but we went to zagat rated restaurants in Long Island. (I don't recall which ones) Is it that most Americans find anything associated with Thanksgiving to be "comfort food" and therefore are not that discerning as long as there is copious amounts of it? Does anyone else feel this way or am I being persnickety? (I love that word!)
Just to clarify, I love chestnuts, sweet potatoes, turkey, etc... just not prepared in the way I described above.

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