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I Love Kanno

dream75517 | May 24, 200804:53 PM

The first time I went to Kanno was November 2007. After hearing about it from Chowhound, I decided to go after picking my friend up from the airport. I love sushi, any sushi. I love the good deal sushi from Mikimoto to the higher end Horinoya. So I did not discover any great revelation at Kanno. I just know I enjoyed it.

Being based in Metairie on and off for two weeks as I have been graduating from college, moving out, and looking for apartments, my sister and I have had many more chances to go to Kanno. I have made 5 attempts to go there and had meals there 4 times in the past 2 weeks, which I think is pretty impressive, since I can usually go half a year without going to any restaurants.

The first time, I had a pretty basic sushi meal: tuna nigiri and a spicy tuna roll and crawfish roll. I'm a bit ashamed to type this as I did not take advantage of Kanno's amazing sushi abilities.

The second time, we ordered a baked salmon roll with fantasy sauce, a snowcrab roll, a yellowtail roll with scallions, and scallop nigiri. This is when we started to hone our now-usual order. Though the yellowtail roll sounds plain, the taste of the scallions goes beautifully with the yellowtail. The baked salmon roll was really good, and though the fantasy sauce was good, I could take it or leave it.

The third time it was closed! I was very sad.

The fourth time, I had the baked salmon appetizer and the scallop nigiri. The baked salmon appetizer is probably going to be my last meal if I ever get put on death row. It is much better than the baked salmon at Mikimoto's. I'm not a chowhound at all: no matter how artificial, how "inelegant", if it tastes good, I like it! The baked salmon at mikimoto's is exactly the same as the one at Kanno, except Mikimoto's is topped off with a viscous eel sauce, which I thought I like...until I tasted the baked salmon at Kanno- the baked salmon and snow crab is marinated with the eel sauce- but just enough for this sauce junkie! And it is less greasy and oily. Heaven!

This fifth time is what motivated me to write this post. We got the usuals, the baked salmon appetizer and the scallop nigiri, but we also got the sashimi appetizer. I usually do not get sashimi in New Orleans, since every place I tried serves big slabs that look like tongues. Plus, it seems so much blander than rolls! But the descriptions made it sound so good. First, I must describe the presentation- the sashimi was cut beautifully! It was thick enough to be substantial, but thin enough so you could kinda see the light through the slice. The salmon was butter. There was also yellowtail and three kinds of tuna- tuna tataki, pepper crusted, and regular tuna sashimi. The yellowtail also had some kind of pepper crust. The sashimi was so good!

I also like the fact that the ginger is not pink, but a natural ecru-yellowish color. The wasabi seems to be genuine wasabi, and if not, at least it isn't so artificial that one dab will make you feel like you put vicks in your nostrils. Don't get me wrong, I love wasabi, I just don't know if the strong potency of some is natural.

I have not gone to Kanno long enough or steadily enough to become a regular yet. Nor do I have the money to keep this up for long! But everytime I have gone, it is like Elvis (the owner) is performing some kind of sold-out show in Vegas! He always has patrons in front of him, talking and gabbing. Once, I saw a whole gaggle of customers greeting each other like long lost friends (after listening in, I figured out that these were 2 families. Apparently, the husbands, along with another friend, has been sneaking to Kanno without their wives, one on several occasions. Family 1, with the husband, wife, and daughter, are nearly finished eating when Couple 2 walks in. When Wife 1 asks Wife 2 where she has been, Wife 2 cracks that her husband has gone to Kanno 3 times that week, every time without her! Wife 1 starts to joke that she's spied Husband 2 with a blonde once, a brunette next.) Elvis is just behind the bar, laughing as he prepares to awe and satisfy another group of hungry friends.

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