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I'm In Love with My New Copper Kettle


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I'm In Love with My New Copper Kettle

niki rothman | May 23, 2007 12:59 PM

And my husband isn't jealous! Just kidding...heh. I want to say everybody deserves to love their kettle. A kettle should be one of the minor gods on Mount Olympus, it's such a powerful symbolic icon of the kitchen. The first thing I reach for after I turn on the light in the early morning darkness, still bleary eyed. It generously gives me all that comforting tea all day long - the tea that somehow insures my sometimes tenuous sanity. And cocoa and the boiling water to fill the Cafe' presse with which I finally learned to make perfect coffee.

And since I bought this absolutley beautiful big copper kettle a few weeks ago it's been a thing of beauty always sitting reassuredly sparkling its reddish glow on the back of the stove. And a thing of beauty is a joy forever. I even shined it twice so far, and it's easy. I was scared that the whistle would be annoying but it's not, my husband actually says he likes to hear it. It's a sweet little whistle but you can still hear it at the other end of my typically cramped old San Francisco apartment.

Being British, this kettle knows all there is to know about boiling water for tea and it has the typical British discretion to know enough NOT to have an annoying whistle.

I had grown disenchanted with my Michael Graves museum replica 80's style stainless steel kettle. Let's face it - it's dated, plus it, like me, it was beginning to definitely show its age. Sigh...momento mori. But we tea drinking chowhounds never say die, and so it was out with the old kettle and in with the new.

A weeks long computer search convinced me that the kettle of my dreams was going to be the Simplex brand large sized copper kettle (they've been making them for 200 years) which I bought at the best price I could find, which was $75.00 (shipping and handling was free!) from Does that sound like a lot? Hmm...maybe you're right. But I still love it!

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