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I have a lot of questions about Lincoln, NE

Liana Krissoff | Jun 14, 201205:32 AM

Greetings, Great Plains board! My family and I are about to move to Lincoln, and I've been scouring your posts for the last month or so. It sounds like there's good restaurant food to be had out there if you know where to look. (Whew.) When we visited over the weekend to find a place to live, we were a little rushed and weren't able to really *choose* where we had our meals (one of which, for example, was Vincenzo's, a festive and happy place with not-very-good-at-all food, although it was fun to try toasted ravioli), but I'm interested in trying Super Taco, Imperial Palace's Chinese menu, Blue Orchid, the Oven, Bread and Cup, and the others listed by Kitchen Imp earlier this year, along with Sher-E-Punjab and Sultan's Kite.

I'm wondering why there aren't more Malaysian restaurants—or, really, *any* Malaysian restaurants—in Lincoln. Thoughts? My husband and I love that food, and if there are any hidden spots in the city we hope to find them.

Why aren't there more farm-to-table-type places? I guess Bread and Cup would qualify, but what else is there? We're coming from Athens, GA, where our semiregular haunts include Farm 255, the Branded Butcher, the National, and the Five and Ten—this is a surprisingly rich food culture. I'm thinking sort of upscale, refined, bright-tasting food with lots of high notes—marinated fresh anchovies with grapefruit and peppercorns; boquerones with pickled peppers; that kind of thing. Menus of the higher-end joints in Lincoln lead me to believe the food is generally pretty heavy and saucy, steak-plus-vegetable-side fare. Where are the house-made pickles, the craft cocktails (I know: groan), the Meyer lemon tarts? I don't mean these things specifically; I'm just wondering if that aesthetic exists in Lincoln outside the home kitchen.

Is there a place to get a good bahn mi and/or pho?

Is the Korean frozen yogurt trend still on the way up in Lincoln, and do you expect that city will be overrun with the places soon as Athens is? (Overrun in a good way. They've become ubiquitous here in the last couple years, and I admit I love them—great places to take my six-year-old for a treat after swimming lessons and such.)

I'm optimistic about finding good stuff, but I know I'll need your help! In the spirit of give-and-take, I can report that I had a transcendent pie experience one night at what I guess used to be Stauffer's Cafe and Pie Shoppe but is now more of a home-cooking restaurant that also serves "Stauffer's pies" on the corner of 48th St. and St. Paul Ave. Gooseberry pie: very tart, not too sweet, excellent crust. It was not attractive (see picture), but it was mind-blowingly good.

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