What to do with a lot of old, bad wine?


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What to do with a lot of old, bad wine?

puma | Jul 13, 2009 07:49 PM

This may not be the right place to ask this, however, I will give it a shot. I am a lover of good wine, have a wine fridge, etc. Someone I know who does not drink and knows nothing about wine brought about 20 bottles to my house recently. They are all bottles that were bad when they were bottled, and are probably even worse now. Many are as old as the 1980s, many are whites that should never have been "cellared," all bad wine. To top it off, I live in New Orleans and there is almost a 100% chance these bottles were improperly stored and probably stayed in a flooded house after Katrina, in 90 degree weather for weeks. To sum it up, I now have 20 bottles of terrible, skunked wine.

What can I do with them? I looked up instructions on how to make my own wine vinegar. I will probably do this, but there is only so much of my homemade wine vinegar the world needs. I tried to get rid of most of it on freecycle but they don't allow me to post offerings of alcohol. I feel bad just pouring it all down the sink, despite how terrible this wine is.

Should I just trash all these bottles and not worry about this totally worthless wine? Or is there some use I can put them to, something I have not thought of yet?

Thanks for answering this very odd question.

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