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"lost" food!?! Nothing goes to waste.


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"lost" food!?! Nothing goes to waste.

kseiverd | Aug 4, 2012 08:45 PM

Though usually only cooking for 1, I just CANNOT toss chicken/turkey bonew without making stock... few ingredients, little work and pretty much FREE, cuz was just gonna get tossed anyway.

Was making a BIG batch of REAL lemon-ade for a trip to the beach. Started thinking... wish I had a need for lemon zest, cuz was tossing after juicing. Then had a stroke of genius/insanity. Hauled out rarely used apple peeler/corer... given to me by SIL who used to to Pampered chef demos. Stuck the lemons on, moved the corer part out of the way, and ended up with a HEAP of strings of zest before juicing. I let them sit out on paper plate to dry totally. Then ground up and made lemon-pepper that wasn't loaded with salt. And ended up with a lot of ground lemon rind for other things.

Decided to make chili one time. NOT a big fan of hot but was at a place called Produce Junction. It's a no-frills, semi-bulk place with nice fruit and veggies at great prices... lemons from above... 6 for $1! Picked up a bag of jalapenos... 1lb/$2... that's a LOT of jalapenos! Probably only used 1-2 in the chili and realized rest were just gonna go bad before I wanted anything spicy?? Hauled out my cheap-o dehydrator! Cut stems off, and halved length-wise. Put in dehydrator until CRISPY!! Then ground up in food processor to make jalapeno powder. WARNING! When grinding, drape a damp towel over the top of food processor and give it PLENTY of time to settle after it's pulverized... unless you like to cough and sneeze forever! I use it in place of cayenne when I make a rub or spice blend.

Used to have a local supermarket that always had an area for reduced produce. Never anything nasty... just not "perfect" any more. Bought a BIG bag of large white mushrooms... like kind for stuffing. After cooking some, had a MESS left over. Dehydrated them in thick slices. Tho not a total fail... not crazy about result... a little rubbery when reconstituted. If I had it to do over, woulda sliced/chopped, sauted in nice olive oil and butter and froze to be dumped into something later.

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