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Losing Interest - Part Two

lilgi | May 29, 201212:44 AM

At the point of no return myself and wondering why "Losing Interest" was shut down. The site is bordering on pitiful, the ass-kissing is nauseating, and some of the posters make you want to "throw up a little in your mouth". It has gotten to that point, and what is more regrettable is that the voices in the other thread were shut-down while a few important points were being made about the way the site has changed. As a relatively new poster here of about a year and a half, it recently became obvious what this site has become. And I now understand why so many have left.

This is indeed a shout-out to the ever-present alphas who have run the site into the ground. Thank you CStout for a very enlightening thread representing the Best of Chowhound because we began to see how incredible this site really was back in the day. The thread is now going down the tubes, just as this site is.

All the best to the posters at Cookware - the help and discussions you've provided have been extremely engaging and valuable. You guys are the light of this forum. All the best.

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