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LOS, Bouchon, Burger Bar - Vegas (longish review)

auberginegal | Feb 27, 200810:56 AM

just returned from a short trip to vegas with 7 friends and thought i would share some thoughts about our more memorable eats.

lunch was at Lotus of Siam. we didn't have any space in our schedules to fit in a dinner here, and they aren't open for lunch on weekends. having read to avoid the buffet, we went straight to the menus. one of the girls had written down some recs from chowhound posts and we basically ordered from there. sausage and rice (unlike anything i've had before, tasty, but if you're not into ginger, some of the chunks might take away from the overall taste. it was good to share, and not something i could eat too much of), drunken noodles with chicken (wish i could find this at home, i'd eat it all the time!), green chilli dip (really spicy, even for those who love heat), and pad thai (we ordered this because most of us always want to try this at every thai place we go to. it did not disappoint).

a few in the group were vegetarian and i don't know all the items they ordered but there was a curry, and the general consensus was the vegetables were fresh, tasty and there was good variety. the only thing we hadn't taken into consideration was the cab ride back to the strip. we called for a cab while the bill was being settled and were told it would take at least 30min! something to consider for future trips i suppose. service was friendly, and the food didn't take too long. we got there around 1pm and didn't have much of a wait considering we were a party of 8 and most of the restaurant was full. i would definitely eat here again.

we also had a great dinner at Alex (reported in separate thread)

brunch at Bouchon. I tasted some of the french toast (lovely, just sweet enough and not overly sweet, i'm not usually a big french toast person), croque madame (it left something to be desired, couldn't quite put my finger on what), the frites (we all agreed, likely the best fries we have ever had!), and the cheese danish (again, not something i usually eat, but based on comments i'd read we decided to try it and i'd definitely have it again).

early dinner-ish meal at Burger Bar. 3 of us got there around 3:30pm and had to wait for about 30min for a table. even the bar was full. shortly after we sat down though, it was considerably more empty. guess we just got there at a bad time. i had the angus burger with the truffle sauce and tried a chocolate-coffee milkshake. we also shared sweet potato fries, zucchini fries and the skinny potato fries.

the milkshake was good, there was the glass and also some extra in a metal cup (the one they made it in maybe?). the fries were all good enough. zucchini fries sort of reminded me of mozzeralla sticks, both in size and also that they were battered. the potato fries were alright, but not better than Bouchon (actually i think i enjoyed the well done fries from In-n-Out even more). was a bit disappointed with the burger. the meat was fine, but left me wondering whether the kobe beef burger would have been that much more flavourful or not. the sauce concept was great, but i didn't find it had any discernible truffle flavour. the burger became a bit messy to eat once i poured some sauce on, as it soaked into the bun and the bun became sticky on my fingers. because i didn't taste a lot of flavour in the sauce, i ended up pouring it onto the meat in between bites in hopes of adding more flavour, but it just made things a bit messier. it was an ok burger but for $15, i'm not sure i'd need to go back.

throughout the weekend, we also made stops to the Jean-Phillippe patisserie, since we were staying at the Bellagio. they had pretty good pastries and desserts. we also special ordered a birthday cake from them, and it was beautiful with detailed sugar flowers.

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