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No longer patronizing a restaurant because owner won't leave you alone

bagelman01 | Sep 16, 201811:08 AM     7

Mrs. B and I have dined about 3 times each month at a particular restaurant in the area. The owners are hard working and always greet us and appreciate our business. HOWEVER, the husband, thinks it is just fine to pull up a chair and join our table and take over the conversation. He has a serious drinking problem. He brings expensive bottles to the table and pours drinks for us and our guests even when we say no. Saturday night he poured 4 shots of 12 year old single malt Scotch for our 21 year old daughter ignoring our instructions.
He has ruined our evening out for the last time,
Mrs. B has informed me that we are never going back to dine there.

Owners and managers need to learn that a greeting is nice, but you are not part of the party and should never join the table uninvited...I don't care what your culture is, this is a business relationship, not a invited visit to your home for a meal

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