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Why I'm no longer using Chowhound much anymore


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Why I'm no longer using Chowhound much anymore

Dylan | Aug 27, 2006 03:38 AM

I have to admit I gave the new site a chance, but I basically don't use it very much any more.

As far as reading messages, the new system makes it much hard to see what posts are new. Everything is listed by thread, and it gets kind of old pulling up each thread and scrolling to the bottom to find the one or two things that were added. Which basically means that once I click on a thread once, I'm very unlike to return to it. And the fact that very few threads are listed on the first page means I don't really see much of the site. (Admittedly, were I not so lazy could I click through to the next page? Sure. But, I don't.) And the fact that I no longer know who most of the posters are (despite the attempts of the "mappings" to tell me) makes it simply a less comfortable place to visit.

As far as writing messages, here it's a bit more ineffable. I'm not quite sure why but I rarely feel the need or desire to add to an existing thread. I can't quite figure it out. One reason might be that it's really easy to pull up posts by user. Do I really want a complete catalog of my posts available? I guess not.

Finally, I have for some time been rather frustrated with the loss of Chownews - which was one of my favorite aspects of the site and created a lot of good will towards it.

I know that the Cnet folks had good intentions with the site rewrite, but I fear that fundamental mistakes in the structure of the site have really harmed the franchise.

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