Long term storage in a wine refrigerator


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Long term storage in a wine refrigerator

vinosnob | Feb 28, 2007 09:46 AM

OK OK, I'm sure someone else has posted about this topic, but cut me some slack and allow some new discussion.

Here's the deal; I have a wine problem. I buy a lot and don't have space for a proper cellar. For some reason, in the area where I live (West Los Angeles, Century City), all of the wine storage facilities are currently sold out.

So, I have a 60 bottle Vinotemp wine refrigerator that I've been keeping wine in for several years now. Also, almost all of my closets are full of wine as well. I try to drink those bottles first since I know they're aging at a rapid pace.

With the wine refrigerator, should I worry about storing bottles in there for several years?

Is humidity a factor? I wet a sponge and place it in the frige and replace it every couple of days; then I worry about creating mold (haven't seen it yet).

Of course, the solution would be to buy a proper cellar, but I'm still in negotiatons about that with my interior designer aka wife.

Thanks for any input!

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