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Long Overdue Reports...a little appe-teaser on banh cuon and snails


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Long Overdue Reports...a little appe-teaser on banh cuon and snails

Carb Lover | Jun 29, 2006 05:36 AM

Dear Hounds,

Well, it happened again--another CH session where I intended to post on one of two long overdue home cooking reports, and another session where it didn't happen. After all, I need to catch up on reading and adding random thoughts to other threads. It's much harder to actually write a post and gather together a series of photos (as I have for both).

So to keep myself honest and accountable, I thought I'd throw out an appe-teaser. That way you guys would expect my posts and hound me if I don't follow up. It's like having a thesis or project deadline...

The first thing that I really want to share w/ you all is my banh cuon making lesson w/ my mom when she recently came for a visit. I've eaten these tender, savory bundles growing up but had never really made them before. Don't worry...it's MUCH easier to make then it looks!

Here was the delicious and rewarding result:

The second thing that I feel a little sheepish about posting is my husband's (and somewhat mine) project on harvesting and cooking garden snails (petit gris where we live). "thejulia" asked about this a few months back and we were intrigued so decided to try it. I wanted to let thejulia know how it went, and I figure that some others are interested even if you wouldn't do it.

It was an interesting little project, and I would have never been able to do it if husband didn't feed and care for (read: clean the poo) the snails for the duration of two weeks.

Below is a close up of them alive in their "pen." Nothing fancy--a big rectangular plastic Earthbound Farms container w/ holes pierced for air. They are pretty and elegant creatures, if not a bit moist and slimy while moping about. And it's really true that these tiny things like to mate alot!


So this is all I can muster for today. I'll post on the banh cuon tomorrow, I promise!!

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