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How long is too long to wait for a table?


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How long is too long to wait for a table?

Seth Chadwick | Mar 27, 2006 10:46 PM

In the past couple of days, I have run across two threads regarding waiting in line for a table.

On the Southwest board, you can always find a lively debate about waiting for a table at Pizzeria Bianco in downtown Phoenix. Pizzeria Bianco was recently named by an author as the best pizza in America, much to the chagrin of people in Chicago and New York.

Since that time, Pizzeria Bianco has been a hot spot for pizza in the Valley of the Sun with waits up to two or more hours for a taste of the "best pizza in America."

Likewise, Paula Dean's Lady & Sons restaurant in Savannah seems to have quite the wait for a meal ever since she became the darling of the Food Network. I often see descriptions of "lines around the building" and people lining up at 9 AM to get a chance at the lunch buffet.

So, my question is, how long is too long to wait for a table?

I will start by saying that I have a personal limit of about 45 minutes. Past that, the food had better be the best I have ever tasted and service had better shine brighter than a supernova for me to wait longer than that.

Still, I am not sure I would wait for more than 30 minutes for a table for pizza, even the best in America.


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