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how long does frozen homemade soup last?


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how long does frozen homemade soup last?

Nancy | Sep 9, 2003 04:50 AM

i made tomato soup for the first time ever, and am now inspired to run back to the greenmarket and make pepper soup, corn soup, 15 variations on the tomato soup, etc etc...

would love to know how long i can keep these in my freezer. i don't have room to freeze the veggies at their peak for making soup in the winter, so i'd rather make the soup now and freeze individual-serving baggies. this query isn't really specific enough for google...found one page that said to use soup within 3 months; another said 4 months. hoping these are conservative estimates because now i'm looking forward to not buying any more canned soup this winter!

if any of you soupmasters can answer my question i'd really appreciate it! also interested in knowing if the addition of cream or yogurt affects the "expiration date."

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