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London Report

Nathan Lee | Dec 9, 2002 07:29 AM

We had just spent 3 days in Paris and the rich food coupled with jet lag left me feeling "not hungry", and my fiance feeling worse.

London didn't have the charm Paris did for us. There were so many more people, the tube network was a little more confusing with a lot more walking for changing trains, but I was not deaf mute in this town.

That first night we went to Mohsen for Iranian food. We ordered the specialty of the day and and the kebab combo. At $45 it was underwhelming, I had better for $6 at lunch in Del Mar, CA.

On Thursday we share a tuna sandwich for lunch with the intention of going to Fryer's Delight for some fish n' chips. We arrive at about 8pm and get seated with two strangers (to each other) and order a cod with peas and chips and a haddock with pickled onions . The guy in front of me didn't look up once, but I can see he was giving my fiance the evil eye. After tasting her food she began dousing her it liberally with the vingear, salt, and ketchup on the table. That ketchup was bright red in color. The fish was bland, very bland. The chips were soggy and were also bland. I kept thinking of the chips I had in Paris, then the fries at In n' Out. Anyways, we eat and leave dissappointed. We thought we still had a Indian food to try.

Friday, we had one meal at a Wheatherspoon which was O.K. They were having a special, two entrees for under 7 quid. Nothing to write here about.

Saturday was our last full day in London and we had intended to go to Bombay Brasserie for their 16 quid a head buffet. We were starting to feel better again, so we thought we could enjoy food again. That morning we went to the Borough market bright and early at 9 and I had a bacon, sausage and egg sandwich which was very good. We also had some Malaysian food that was probably some of the best I've ever had outside of Singapore and Malaysia. We spent most of our time tasting her food. We get full and cancel our plans for Bombay Brasserie for lunch. At dinner we get the Bombay Brasserie but find it full. The concierge at the nearby Holiday Inn told us that the Dehli Brasserie one street over was just as good at less than half the price. We go and prove him to be a liar on one count. I found myself sitting at the restaurant wishing the Borough market was open late everyday.

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