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London recs for family on budget, and only some of us are adventurous eaters!

sasha1 | Jan 15, 201909:47 AM     17

Hi CHers. I spent a number of hours perusing the London threads last night. There is some good info there! But I am slightly overwhelmed, and the recs provided are slightly not on target for my trip. In addition to a number of the CH discussions from the last 2 yrs, please know I also reviewed the Country Life and Bloomberg articles, the Eater guide, and the Conde Naste long and extensive review.

Reason for my post: the majority of places I read about are slightly above my price point, although we might pick one or two for a special meal, and a bit fancier than I'm looking for. If it was just me and my husband, it would be ideal. We love to eat as a thing to do, and eating is a critical part of our travels. High quality ingredients, lovingly and creatively prepared, are what we seek out. We also enjoy any type of ethnic eatery, generally the more casual and less fussy ones, and love to gastronomically experience all parts of the world that we can't or haven't travelled to. I know that London is such a diverse city that this will be easy. We also have a 13 y.o. who is on our same eating wavelength, and loves to try new and different things. I think he feels it makes him more mature and sophisticated, and he likes that about it too.

Then comes our enigma - a 16 y.o son (will be 17 at time of trip). First off, he is allergic to nuts, so that is a pure no go. Sadly, that takes alot of these Middle Eastern/Mediterannean/fusion places like the Ottolenghis or Honey & Smoke, Honey & Co. off the table. I think, based on their menus. Secondly, he just flat doesn't like seafood. So if we do a fish and chips, which we have to do, he'll probably just eat the chips. Silly boy. Thirdly, he is just kind of a picky pain. No on cooked tomatoes. No on squash of any kind No on eggplant. No on a host of other things. BUT, and this is the funny part. He has a pallete for quality. If the meat or bread or cheese is cheaply made, cheap cuts, gristly, etc., he won't eat that. And he doesn't like kid food. No fried chicken strips, no cheap pizza, no macaroni & cheese. So of the things he deigns to eat, they must be actually quality. Oy.

So if you've put up with my post for this long, here is what I'd love your help with. We are staying a week in Pimlico in April. We will be sightseeing most of the places people go who haven't been to London yet, by public transportation, and I'm looking for (1) moderately priced (2) high quality and well prepared food that is (3) exciting and creative but the menu still has a few straightforward things for the difficult kid. And where a nut allergy can be accomodated. I know about the Borough and other markets, and that is certainly a plan for us. Otherwise, I gratefully accept any advice you can throw my way for centralish London. Things that have worked well for us before - small plates (Barrafina perhaps). Italian/pasta. Izakaya. Soup/salad/sandwich. Bakeries. Breakfast places that serve either continental or American style. Charcuterie, cheese, & pickles. Indian. Thank you!!!!!

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