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London Grill doesn't suck


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London Grill doesn't suck

Jersey City Mods | May 23, 2005 09:38 AM

In spite of the warnings, we ended up going to London Grill for brunch on Sunday after the Dali exhibit. The location was just too darn convenient as we wanted to avoid the parking zoo at the museum itself (and we even got free parking to boot).

Maybe my expectations were low, but I thought the brunch was quite decent and very reasonably priced. It ended up being only four of us and we got the duck spring roll appetizer which I thought had a very tasty filling, with a thin crusted wrapper which was very crunchy the way I like it (even if it did mean it was a bit messy).

For entrees, two of us got the black bean enchilada with fried eggs; and the other two diners had the hangar steak and the special frittata of the day (Broccoli Rabe and Sharp Provolone). I tried a bite of the frittata and did not find it to be overcooked and the cheese they used was very obviously the same quality as the cheese on the DeNic's Roast Pork (BTW, that sandwich has made a provolone convert of me). My black bean chipotle enchilada was very good and very spicy. I certainly did not think the portions were small either. We all walked out of there pretty full.

I also thought our server was very friendly. She must have overheard me getting exitetd about the giant bottle of that Vietnamese hot sauce (the one with the rooster on it) at the bloody mary bar. I exclaimed that "I go through a bottle of that stuff every six weeks". Later, she put the bottle on our table even though I noticed none of the other tables got it.

It is the first time I have eaten there so I don't know what it was like several years ago, but perhaps they had an off day (or they have been hearing the negative feedback and are improving). Like I said, I don't go out to eat THAT much and usually when I do, my philosophy is "I want the weirdest thing available to humanity". Therefore I usually do not go for sort of "Americaney" type fare.

Bottom line is, if I end up back at the museum and want to get together for a brunch afterward, I would definitely go back to this place.

***Oh and I almost forgot.... One of my peeves is places that do not cook the potatoes enough (unfortunately my local 401 Diner in Conshy is a big offender in this category, cooking the potatoes to a mealy pale consistency). The London Grill home fries were a golden dark brown. Gotta love that.

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