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London - Help me find a place to celebrate my birthday! (a Sunday dinner)

andrewesque | Jan 13, 2012 04:03 PM

Hi all,

I am traveling to London for the first time in about a month and a half, and while I have a bunch of culinary questions, I wanted to get this particular one out in case it requires some advance reservations.

So 26 February (a Sunday) is my birthday, and I'd like to go out for dinner that day. Here are my thoughts:

- I'd like to go somewhere nice, but not extravagant to the point that I can't wear jeans. Price - I'd be open to up to, say, £50-£60/person, although I suspect that due to the previous sentence I wouldn't be playing in the super-high bracket anyway.
- In terms of cuisine, I'd be interested in something British, but I'd be open other suggestions as long as they are *not* (1) French or Belgian or (2) East Asian - Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai*. (Subcontinental fare, i.e. India or Pakistan, is emphatically OK.)
- A good beer list would be a plus. Even better if they brew their own beer/connected to a brewery -- I have no idea if this is common or not.
- If any of you have been to Chicago, places I like and would be similar would be Hopleaf, Cafe Ba Ba Reeba, Piece or Hot Chocolate, not necessarily in terms of cuisine but in terms of "feel." They're gastropubs/tapas places/a pizza place that brews its own beer. Fun, kind of energetic feel.

From perusing the boards and a bit of personal research, it appears as if restaurants frequently close for Sunday dinners, so if I will really have to reschedule, I will, though I'd much prefer Sunday. And I apologize if these are too many restrictions -- I know I find it hard to answer "where should I eat?" questions with no conditions, so I tried to be specific in hopes that it would help.

Oh, and this would be for a small group, probably 3 or 4.

*I like all these cuisines! It's just that I will be heading to France and Belgium later, so it seems silly to have these in London; and I am from Los Angeles, so I frequently have the opportunity to eat very authentic Chinese/Japanese/Korean food, so I'd rather try something else in London.

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