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Lokshen Alfredo Review

Italian4me | May 24, 2005 06:23 PM

Dear Chowhouds,

I thank everyone for posting their views on where to eat in the North York area but I wasn't going to drive up to highway 7 when I said I wanted to eat between the 401 and Finch.

On a contrary note, I'm very happy that I heard that Mezza Notte is deafeningly noisy and that is the reason why I stayed away.

And now the Lokshen Alfredo review

As soon as we walked in we were promptly greeted and offered a larger table because they weren’t expecting a busy evening for the Victoria Day Monday night. The waiter also pulled out my girl friends chair and ensured that she received her menu and copy of the specials first.

I won’t say much about the menu as it is all on their website and the link is posted below. I will say though that the specials menu is really where you want to focus your energy it is almost the same size as the regular menu.

Our waiter gave us a couple of minutes to settle in before coming over and asking us for a drink. I was impressed to find out that they pour premium brands at regular prices so I ordered up a Bombay martini and my girl friend had a Stolichnaya martini both of which were $6.95. We chose to have an order of mussels in a white wine and garlic broth $10.95 to go with our martinis. The martinis arrived cold and perfect and the mussels were plentiful, plump and delicious. I think we dunked and ate a whole basket of their homemade focaccia which was also light and fluffy.

Once we were finished our waiter asked us if we had made any further decisions on our meals; we then ordered a grilled polenta with a Gorganzola mushroom ragout $9.95, a grilled squid $9.95 the mushroom risotto $16.95, the osso bucco slow roasted in a hearty tomato jus $18.95 and a bottle of Falasco Ripasso $43.

Upon reading over the wine list it is well presented with something for everyone (white wines range from $31-$45 and the reds range from $32-$83) and just for curiosity sake I asked about bringing your own and I was informed that they're just waiting for their endorsement now I only wonder what the corkage fee will be?

My girl friend had the squid and she really didn't want to give me a bite but I stole a bite and it was grilled perfectly, a couple of bites and then it melts in your mouth. My polenta was a tad bit salty but it helped heighten the flavour of the Gorganzola cheese and it kept me eating to which I cleaned my beautifully presented plate. Once our main dishes arrived, I was wowed by the size once again as my risotto was not only loaded with various mushrooms but that the portion was larger than I expected. Upon tasting my risotto it was incredibly rich and was done al dente and was definitely what I've been patiently waiting for all week. The osso bucco arrived properly portioned with a nice piece of meat accompanied with steamed vegetables and seasoned potatoes and was just as tender as the grilled squid yet the vegetables were steamed just right, not crispy and not mushy.

Once our meals were finished there was only one problem at this point in the meal but that was our fault. My girl friend and I had about a glass and a half left in the bottle but the waiter informed us that he could reseal the bottle and we could take it home with us so we took him up on that offer and I'm drinking that glass and a half of Ripasso as I write my review.

Dessert has always been my favorite part of the meal and so of course being in an Italian restaurant you have to order the homemade tiramisu $6.95 and not satisfied with one desert we splurged and went for the homemade pecan pie heated without the ice cream only because it's not yet ice cream temperature outside $6.95 teamed with two coffees $4, a Drambuie $5.95 and a Baileys $5.95.

At this point, my girl friend was tired of me reaching into her previous plates so when dessert arrived they were placed in the middle of the table. The pecan pie had just the right sweetness, the crust was flaky and it arrived nice and hot. The tiramisu was unusually presented in a homemade pastry shell so I took full advantage of this and ate the moist but not soaked dessert with the shell instead of any utensils.

Finally at the end of our meal we were presented with the birthday book. This is an in house promotion that they have apparently been running for years which now gives my girl friend and I a free lunch or dinner for our birthday. I wasn't about to say no to free food so we both signed up. I also noticed this promotion is on their website so if it's your birthday I urge you to take full advantage of it.

There you have it chowhounds, if you're looking for a small comfortable room, friendly personal service and classic rustic Italian cuisine then Lokshen Alfredo is it.

We now have our favourite Italian in the neighbourhood and we can't wait until the backyard patio opens.


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