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Login deprived!

RicRios | May 30, 200804:59 PM

I’ve been posting for years, fairly problem-free, at least from the IT side.
Today, using my regular notebook ( VAIO, Windows XP Pro, IE7 ), I noticed I’m not logged in.
If I try to login, I don’t get any error mssg, but I don’t get logged in either.
I deleted cookies, deleted all browser files, made sure www.chow.com & www.chowhound.com are allowed cookies, restarted, no luck.
Stopped windows firewall, no antivirus of any kind running, not even Windows Defender.
From another (desktop) PC I can log in, it’s my notebook that suddenly went bonkers.
Nothing new happened btw yesterday and today, no new sw installed, no new O/S patches, nothing.
All windows patches are up to date.
All other websites & regular apps run fine.
Somehow my system is refusing cookies from certain sites.
Only ones affected so far seem to be Amazon & Chowhound.
Did my PC develop a sudden cookie intolerance? Should I put it on a gluten-free diet?

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