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Always logging in when I've not logged out

iL Divo | Mar 7, 201207:16 AM

Sorry if this is a repeat but can't find info: continuing to have problems with Chowhound website.

There are 3 ways of me going online, my desktop, my laptop and my iPhone.
Doesn't matter which one I'm using to log in or log off of.
I always have to log in even though I've checked 'remember me' option.
I always have to log in even though I've not logged off/out.
Plus when it shows 2 options at the bottom of a post [permalink/reply] that means I'm not logged in. There is no [report or edit] > [if it's my post] which tells me I'm not logged in. But going back and forth to other/previous page doesn't always work either.
What is this back&forth page hopping that has to usually be done?
Often times I'm taken to the log in page again, I just logged in though.
Under the curvy line is a post I just did but it belongs here too, explains some issues I've had.

Off Topic: Mods feel free to move this. Putting it here first because it pertains to this apparent [full of mistakes] post of mine.

I had corrected all the mistakes on this post above by me on my desktop at home.
It was proof read and without mistakes. Hours later while at a Dr. apt.
I was on my phone and a window came up that showed me this same post that apparently
I was trying to correct on my iphone previously. It's just plain simply always problematic
trying to do anything on my iphone. So it was in the 'save' stage, like I'd been in
there trying to correct it but my phone went unresponsive and there was nothing I could
do but leave the site. So now, I'm back on my phone, I've already saved the new
corrections/typos [hours ago] but what to do? So I saved it again-it wiped out the previous save.
I know this makes no difference but still continuing to
have problems using my iphone on this site and having to ALWAYS log in
even though I'm not ever logging out, either on my phone or laptop or desktop.

Can't be sure if anyone else is having continual problems like I am but hoping to see a response from engineering. Thank you.

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