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Loganisa sausage - always screws up my pan!


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Loganisa sausage - always screws up my pan!

elmomonster | Oct 28, 2004 12:37 PM

I love loganisa (Filipino sausage). However, whenever I cook it the proper way (which is to boil the sausage in a pan until the water completely evaporates and then fry with the remaining fat until skin is caramelized), the excess sugar and gunk left in the pan is murder to clean afterward. Even after a long soak, the pan is basically no longer what it once was.

Here's my question, since I always cook loganisa outside anyway on the small range connected to my grill(I can't imagine the smell and grease spatters it would create if I did it inside) would it be advisable to grill the loganisa over fire after it has had a nice boil? Would it taste as good? I'd like to spare my pan from the inevitable.

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