Lodge is a really nice company :-)


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Lodge is a really nice company :-)

fantasyjoker | Apr 27, 2011 05:47 PM

About two months ago, I was heating up my double burner cast iron griddle on my electric stove. I guess that the bigger burner got too hot too fast because my griddle cracked with an eardrum shattering bang on that side. I was unaware that such a thing could happen because that was the first time that I had attempted to heat my griddle on an electric stove.

I contacted Lodge and explained to them that I had my pan for almost a year and that I was really upset that such a thing could happen because I thought cast iron was supposed to be virtually indestructible except for rust. Well, the nice lady at customer service sent me an email stating that heating cast iron too fast could cause that. She also asked for pics of the damage.

I sent the pics to her, and when a month went by without a response, I sent an email asking for an update. She then told me to send her my address because they were going to send me a brand new griddle. About a week later, UPS delivered it. I was so happy.

It's so nice to see that an American company is still standing behind it's workmanship and is still giving great customer service because I was expecting to pay for a new pan, not get a free one.

Now if only I wasn't so afraid to use my griddle on my electric stove again. BTW, can you use a cracked griddle to cook on?

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