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your local "waffle house" -- tell us about the experience


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your local "waffle house" -- tell us about the experience

alkapal | Nov 6, 2008 04:49 AM

it is always a little head trip to go in any one of the many waffle houses. for a chain, i have never seen so much "local color" in each unique location. it seems to me that each is a little microcosm of the community -- quite interesting as you travel south on 95 from d.c. to florida!

i was inspired by another hound, flavrmeister, who wrote: "We are blessed with 3 Waffle Houses in Frederick, MD. One features a burly transvestite night manager named "Darla", who keeps the kids at the grill on their toes. Darla hails from (where else?) Baltimore." (i'm changing the name of the person, so as not to get into any chowhound trouble!)

i am looking for your stories of your favorite waffle house characters (please use pseudonyms), and how they may reflect the local community in which the restaurant is located (location is important, obviously).

or do you *never* darken the door of a waffle house? personally, i think their eggs are always very fresh, and i like their grits!

side inquiry: are there any "regional" foods on the menu in some waffle houses that aren't elsewhere in other regions?

i have to add that, several years ago -- maybe 10 -- mr. alka and i sat and sat and sat and waited for service at a rural virginia waffle house (but adjacent to i-95) -- and we were even at the counter!!! i am white -- from the south --, and mr. alka is from sri lanka. how about that!?

ps, is the "chains" board gone? if not, i'm going blind, because i didn't see it on the main menu that drops down.

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