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Local / Slow Food Adoption [split from Home Cooking]

cayjohan | Jan 3, 200810:36 AM

[Note: This thread on slow/local food and getting people to adopt it was split from Home Cooking at: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/475223 -- The Chowhound Team].

Okay, I'll bite, too. I won't make something up that I could do, but I'll give my menu for dinner tonight.

venison Wiener schnitzel: deer shot by my dad on the land I grew up on (130 miles north of us), bread with crumbs made from locally baked bread (can't vouch for the flour source)

mashed potatoes: locally grown potatoes that have been sitting nicely in my newly established urban root cellar, mashed with Minnesota butter and Minnesota buttermilk.

sweet and sour cabbage: local storage cabbage (see root cellar comment above). My vinagar is not local, and I guess I could have chosen one of my local honeys for the sweet, but...there it is.

Some sorrel sauce for the schnitzel, made with sorrel from my garden and frozen.

Cofee and cookies for dessert - sorry about being non-local, but the coffee is Fair Trade shade grown (and purchased from my co-op), and the cookies are...well, Voortman from Ontario, so I guess that's sort of local for you, frug!

I am part amused and part enchanted by this movement. Amused, since I have been eating like this since I was a pup; enchanted because the wider world is waking up to such things. I think Making Sense said upthread that some things are not worth living without, and I agree, as I want my spices and olive oils and coffee. But I can and do eat very locally without even much effort. Should I undertake to can, and to get a larger freezer, I could come very close to 95% local without much more effort (well, except the canning.)

I often think this movement does put some off (unjustifiably) because it seems so hard and dogmatic. I like the idea of a challenge for folks that don't tihnk about local foods, though - it's a good kick in the pants and possibly eye-opening on how fresh and good local food tastes. For those who are like me and eat mostly local out of sheer habit, we're mostly there already. Let's keep spreading the word in a non-dogmatic fashion.

Just rambling,

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