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Local food products

Bill Pisarra, Jr. | Nov 3, 2000 01:22 PM

I've lived in a couple of big cities before ending up here in a small city in Western Illinois. While overall it can't compare foodwise to a big city, even this wee city has a couple of very special local products. I'd like to hear what's special where you live, something indigenous to your region that is particularly good, and unavailable or hard to find elsewhere.

Here the first thing is: pork tenderloin. Exquisite jewels of tenderloin are just laying around casually at any market, completely unconscious of their utter perfection. For a modest sum I can pick up a piece big enough for four (for four in theory, ahem.)

Second, walleye. We are surrounded by rivers here, and the walleye abound. Yet there is no commercial fishery for them, so you almost never see them in the store, and if you do they are a week old (and stinking and useless) from some distant place like Canada or wherever.

But if you fish or know a fisherman...well, they are easily a candidate for the greatest of all table fish, at least in the delicate/white flesh category. I really can't even describe them, if you eat 'em right out of the water. Ethereal.

So what's up where you live? Whaddya got there that we ain't got? Vicarious is better than nothing, and heck, we may move there if you make it sound really good.

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