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neville nosher | Apr 28, 2011 07:45 PM

Nancy and i tried Local Bistro, at Hayden and Thompson Peak, The other night for the 1st time. It has been open for a few months and we regret that we were unaware of it since we are about to return to the Great White North. It ia a large cavernous space with very a high ceiling and not soft surfaces,so on a busy night, the noise is most likely ear splitting.

The menus is large and varied enought to satisfy all tastes, and the pricing is gentle enough for all budgets, withte mosst expensive items (steaks) topping out under $30.

Water was served with a choice of lemon, lime and orange slices and a first rate sourdough bread was served in a brown paper bag and was accompanied with a very tasty Romesco Sauce.

Nancy started with the tuna tartare which was a generous portion of fish in a tasty citrus marinade, while Ihad the calamari with a pimenton de la vera (smoked paprika) aioli. Both were delicious and the squid was fried only long enough to turn the coating a golden brown, and leave the sqid soft and tender. It was plated nicely with a grilled lemon half and finely minced parsley mixed in withte squis

Nancy had another starter as her main, the mussels and clams, which were served in a cast iron vessel in a white wine sauce along with a garguantuan chunk of toast. They were quite fresh and very tasty.

I had the grilled salmon with Bearnaise sauce which was accompanied by mashed potatoes, lightly steamed broccoli florettes and steamed baby carrots. (I dont understand why restos refer to mashed potatoes as mashers. I always understood that to be the implement that is used to make said potaoes.)

The wine list is fairly basic, with nothing overly expensive. There was a reasonable selection of open wines and the pour was not skimpy.

I caught a glimpse of the hamburger as it passed by my table. It was presented very nicley with a huge mound of fries. If we get to return before we leave, i will definitely try it.

Ont the topic of hamburgers, we have been to Rengade Canteen a few times and Bobs Burger is definitely a standout. The acompanying sweet potato fries were probably the best that i have ever had.
The pot roast is exceptional and the duck tacos were first rate as well.
The resto is physically highly reminiscent of Roaring Fork and has a very welcoming ambience.

We were there again last week and there had been quite a few menu changes.
We shared the ceviche to start and it was disappointing. Having just returned from a trip to S. America, where we had many variations of the dish it turned out to be a bad choice. There was an ample quantity of fish in a tomato sauce which was overwhelmed by the heat of jalapenos and the sweetness of sugar. The taste of the fish and shrimp was MIA.

We both had the smoked, braised and then fried pork shank as a main, which was acompanied by a side of parsnip and apple(I think) puree.
The meat was quite tender, but it was sauced with a very sweet glaze, and the side was excessively sweet as well. We had enough sugar to preclude a desert section.

Havng had excellent experiences at RC i nthe past, we are inclined to write this one off and look forward to returning.

Roaring Fork
4800 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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