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Tracy L. | Jul 24, 2005 07:48 PM

I have been planning a special birthday dinner for my DH and thought the occasion called for a good steak. I originally planned to buy it in town but between remodeling projects and fighting a summer cold I was not up to driving from place to place to find the perfect steak, so I bit the Saturday shipping cost bullet and ordered through Lobel’s. The original plan was to get either New York strip steaks or filet mignons; however, as I was making my choice I noticed that they offer “tornedos of beef”. I had tornedos once as a kid and can’t remember having any other steak that could compare to it. Plus when I compared the prices, the tornedos were more within my means and the description fit my criteria. With the savings I figured I could also buy some other item to try. The dinner was last night and the tornedos were incredible!!! They were tender, juicy and flavorful all on their own, just like I remembered them. As for DH’s reaction, he raved and raved and raved. I ordered some lamb chops that I froze for another time. I’d love to try Peter Luger’s as well as more Lobel’s products for future special occasions.

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