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Lobel's beef : spectacular

danna | Feb 15, 2012 07:16 AM

We ate a Porterhouse that I ordered from Lobel's last night for Valentine's day. It was officially my husband's v-day gift because he is the steak lover in the house, but DAMN...I was amazed. Not only do I usually get more excited about tomatos than meat, when it comes to steak, i generally prefer a nice bloody filet over a strip , rib eye, etc. But I have now been convereted. That $53 steak tasted like intensly beef-flavored butter. Flavor, texture, juiciness...that was the best steak I ever consumed.

Fair warning, the stuff is obscenely priced to begin with before you add $34 for shipping down the east coast...but for a special occasion, wow. BTW, the burgers (4 for $30) are also awesome.

special bonus tip: if you are secretly using a tiny dab of red food color to make your blood orange sabayon properly pink...cap it the second you are through. Half a bottle of food color on white cabinets and pale wood floor create a bit of an unwanted pre-valentines dinner emergency.

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