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Lo-Carb help needed, dieting houseguests


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Lo-Carb help needed, dieting houseguests

Sherri | Aug 25, 2005 10:29 AM

Houseguests are arriving who have lost significant weight on a strict low-carb diet. I don't want to get into the pros & cons of this plan, it is a "given" for them right now. My problem is "What to feed them?" during their stay. Of course they'll provide information when they arrive, but I'd like to have some plans in advance.

Breakfast presents the "no toast" "no fruit" problem that includes juices. Or am I wrong and fruit is now allowed? Does anyone have favorite breakfast options that do not include French toast, potatoes, etc.

Lunch might be a large salad, I believe spinach, lettuce and cucumbers are OK. Yes? No? Could add crab or chicken or beef.

Happy Hour presents a particular set of problems since my favorite thing to do is make mini pizzas and serve lots of crackers and cheeses. Peanuts, pistachios and the like are bound to be on the "NO" list also.

Dinner can go on the grill if some vegetables are allowed. Common sense tells me that the really sweet and/or starchy ones ought to be verboten. EX: beets, sweet potatoes, corn, etc. What is allowed?

My husband & I eat a lot of pasta so this is foreign territory. I'd would really appreciate some hints because I'm most likely the sole inhabitant of the planet Earth who has not jumped on the Low-Carb bandwagon. TIA

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