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LMAO at my cannoli disaster


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LMAO at my cannoli disaster

shanagain | Dec 13, 2006 07:08 PM

Let me preface this by saying in my defense that I'm a pretty darned good cook. Really.

Recently I asked for advice on cannoli filling, realizing it's a fairly basic combination but if anyone could help me push it into "sublime" territory, it'd be the chowhounds. Well, thanks for trying, anyway.

Everything was going beautifully right up until the moment my KA mixer took revenge upon me for my recent transgressions (apparently my mixer is haunted AND reads chowhound, where I'd mentioned that I actually hate the thing).

OK, not really, I just did a really, REALLY stupid thing as I was mixing powdered sugar (I used a blend of powdered and superfine) into the cheese - I was adding the p.sugar a bit at a time from the bag as the KA did its thing... and managed to catch the powdered sugar bag on the paddle. POOF, in the blink of an eye two things happened - the entire east end of my kitchen (and dog, and me) was covered in a fine dusting of sugar. Second... too much sugar in the ricotta.

Know what happens when you get a ton of powdered sugar into ricotta? Sugar cheese soup. Bleh. (Interesting chemistry lesson there, btw. You'd think too much sugar into a fairly "dry" cheese would be dry, right? But not at all - my nice creamy filling just turned into soup. I could've added more sugar and had a ricotta frosting, I suppose, but it already tasted much too sweet at that point.)

Since these were for a work function for my husband, I plowed on with what was on hand, mixing some cream cheese, pastry cream (also made cream puffs, which were heavenly) and the ricotta soup, and didn't tell hubby about the snafu until after he'd declared the cannoli "absolutely perfect." He even waxed nostalgic over the cannoli of his NYC youth and compared mine favorably.

Honestly - they were very, very good. How that happened I really don't know, but I have to say, I'll probably lean toward adding a bit of mascarpone in the future, as the creaminess of the cream cheese blended with the flavor of the ricotta was very pleasant.

I'd promised an update, I just had no idea it'd be a "story!"

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