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Livermore: My Big Fat Cobb Salad at the Railroad Cafe


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Livermore: My Big Fat Cobb Salad at the Railroad Cafe

Shep | Aug 8, 2005 08:27 PM

I really dig Cobb Salad, but they usually come presented as some kind of still life, with the various components so lovingly arrayed that I hate to break up the composition. Then it's pick at the egg, pick at the chicken, get some lettuce, try to work in a little bacon, the dressing never gets distributed because the plate is a little too small to toss the thing, can I please get this as a sandwich?

So it cheered me up to order a Cobb at the Railroad and have it come already tossed, in a big ole heap on the plate. The bulk of the greens were romaine, with some red Bibb and the odd bitter green that I didn't know the name of. This big pile of vegetation was full of treats like a Christmas pudding, the egg, the olives, the tomato and bacon and crumbled bleu cheese, avocado, lots of chicken white meat, and all in a kind of Caesar dressing. Already tossed and mixed thoroughly, so all I had to do was start at one side and party down. For $8.50, a full meal for a hungry person.

But wait, there's more. All the salads here come with a couple thick slices of pumpkin bread that is a revelation. This stuff is simply so dense and moist and flavorful, it can serve as dessert. There is a layer of condensed sweetness just below the crust. Rich enough that I could only eat one slice, had to save the rest for after work.

This place is alright with me. Everything is somewhat in a spirit of excess, which works for me because lunch is my one main meal. Random menu selection:

"Salchica Sausage & Chipotle Eggs: Green chiles, tomato, jack cheese, and tomatillo suce on grilled polenta. Topped with salchica sausage and eggs basted with mild chipotle sauce. Grilled corn, mango, and creamed cheese taco."

It's like some experimental culinary outfit ran a farmhouse kitchen, and the cooks wake up in the middle of the night and write things down, and then come in the next day and try them out.

Railroad Cafe
2041 Railroad Avenue, at L Street
7 AM-2 PM, but what days? I don't know.

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