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Liver Nips are not for cats but perhaps a link to our past?


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Liver Nips are not for cats but perhaps a link to our past?

Paul in S.C. | Feb 1, 2006 08:34 AM

I don't know how many of you have eaten liver nips as I have only seen them served in the Dutch Fork Counties of South Carolina ( but I'm always surprised that there is nothing new under the sun where food is concerned ). The Dutch Fork area of S.C. was not settled by Dutch but rather the word Dutch was really a misproununciation of the word Deutsch or German. Therefore it is thought that liver nips are probably of Germanic origin. There is also a high concentration of Lutherans living in the counties where liver nips are common. One area associated with liver nips is Saxe Gotha in Lexington County.

Liver nips are a peppery creamed but chunky liver dish that IMHO are fantastic. Anyone who likes liver will love liver nips. I only know of two retaurants in S.C. that serve liver nips on a regular basis. One is the world famous Shealey's in Leesville and the other is The Backporch in Prosperity. I always call ahead to find out when they are available.

I would love to hear from others who have tried liver nips or could provide more information about this unusual dish. Perhaps it's popular in Germany or in many other places outside of S.C. It is amazing to think that food in some instances may be the only remaining link to our heritage. Now that's truly food for thought!

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