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When Did Liver Lose Its Luster?

Chinon00 | Mar 19, 200806:45 PM

I love liver. I love chicken and duck liver in a mousse or pate, and calves liver sautéed with garlic, vinegar, mustard and onions. I understand that traditionally liver has ranked above all other offal as one of the most prized culinary delights. And isn't "Rich Man's Disease" called that because it was mostly the well off at one time who could obtain and consume liver regularly (which among other things can contribute to said disease)?
So my question is why in America today is liver not regarded as highly as it once was apparently and when did this first begin to occur here?

Note: I say liver today is not regarded highly because:
1) Liver is cheap
2) I rarely see liver on restaurant menus
3) Liver is often presented in mainstream culture as an undesirable food item


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