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Live Corn Tortilla Making, Chinese Noodle Making: Others?


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Live Corn Tortilla Making, Chinese Noodle Making: Others?

opinionatedchef | Oct 30, 2012 09:26 AM

Watching certain cultures demonstrate their 'since childhood’ food training (or DNA, whichever theory you subscribe to) can be a riveting way to spend some unscheduled time.

We were at La Verdad the other day, and while I waited for a take out order, I watched the tortilla maker do her thing , at her station behind the register. I’ve watched her scores of times before, but this time i REALLY watched her. Fascinating. I always had thought that you just roll a ball of masa, stick it in the press, pull the handle, and boom, all done. WROOOONG. She must have handled each tortilla at least 10 times during the process, to get each one to her liking. Then they went on the flat top next to her, for a few minutes, on each side, then were stacked and eventually wrapped. Maybe an Operations Management nightmare, but surely a delight for those lucky enough to eat them. And she still puts out a vast number (she can tell you exactly) per hour. (btw, we buy our tortillas from them, about $3 a dozen iirc.)

I really want to see Gene (Gene’s Flatbread, Chelmsford) do that magic noodle-making arms-ballet thing (that I think a Boston CH posted about watching there?) Does anyone know when Gene typically makes his noodles and do you think he’d be open to having an audience?

I have caught the Chinese dumpling pleating/wrapping show at a few Chinese restaurants over the years, and been mesmerized (but also occasionally freaked out, like when I noticed a huge bowl of ground pork filling sitting out in the middle of the(prep) table, on no ice.....:-{ )

Has anyone else had some cool experiences in Boston, watching artisanally created items that would otherwise be factory-mass-produced--- like these?

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