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"Lite", "Light", or Regular or "Dark"

Widget4 | Apr 16, 200810:01 PM

Can someone please explain to me the meanings of these Chinese cooking condiments. Lite or Light Soy Sauce. Kylie Kwong recipe directions contain light soy sauce and then dark soy sauce in same recipe. Is there an actual "lite" s.s. or does it mean regular soy sauce and then Tamari as the dark soy sauce. It could be that there is a lighter version of soy souce, and the regular soy sauce is dark and should be used. Also, I cannot find the red chilli's that are always used in her and other Chinese recipes. Does anyone know the proper name for these? I know, alot of questions, and I hope they don't seem really dumb as I am just trying to start in the huge Chinese Culinary world. And then there's Black Fungus and Fermented Black Beans to try to find! Ugh! Any help would truly be greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance.

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