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Liquor help needed for the Non-Drinker


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Liquor help needed for the Non-Drinker

Pupster | Dec 1, 2004 09:38 PM

Need some help starting a liquor stash in the house. Mostly for cooking purposes, since I don't touch the stuff as a beverage, but I imagine an occasional guest might quench a thirst.

I'd like to start off with just half dozen, not including wine. I guess this is directed more towards chefs than bartenders, but if my stash is mostly for cooking, can I tend toward cheap?

I already gave it a shot at the liquor store only to be overwhelmed at levels of quality, prices, flavors and labels. Help!

(I'm thinking to start with vodka, sherry, dark rum, brandy and I've seen the occasional recipe calling for cognac, madeira, marsala and fruit-flavored liquers. What are the staples? Also, please specify price points, or even exact labeling if you have a preference.)

Thanks all. I always knew there would be a downside to being a teetotaler. ;)

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