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Liquid Smoke

Marco | Feb 7, 2004 01:59 AM

I love grilled much so that I have Two grills, a Ducane natural gas grill and a Weber Smoky Joe.

Today I got hungry for some grilled pork. The bad part was that there was nearly a foot of snow between my back steps and the nearest grill and I just didn't feel like shoveling a path to them.

I decided to slow bake some pork steak in the oven and add some spicy barbecue sauce--but something was missing, the smoky grilled flavor. I added some Liquid Smoke to the sauce. Not quite as good as hickory, oak, or applewood smoke, but a reasonable substitute.

Please tell me fellow hounds, what is your opinion of Liquid Smoke in lieu of real smoke when the snow is just too deep to go outside for real smoky grilled flavor?

Any tips for using Liquid Smoke? Do you love the stuff, like the stuff, or just plain hate it?

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