Liquid Measuring Cup (glass) inaccurate - recommendations?


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Liquid Measuring Cup (glass) inaccurate - recommendations?

kwidprokuo | May 2, 2014 03:14 PM

I have a pyrex 1 cup size liquid measuring cup (not the old formulation, but purchased within the last couple years) that must be inaccurately marked. (This is for US standard recipes using cups; not metric measurements).

Obviously all glass measuring cups must have some tolerance of accuracy but I've noticed problems when I use this cup. I make bread in a bread machine and had to throw away several loaves that either sogged into the middle or didn't rise at all; per the instruction manual something must have been wrong with my liquid measurements.
Before I had this measuring cup, I didn't have any issues with the same recipes in this bread machine.

Some accuracy in measurement must count; as there is some importance to ingredient volumes when baking, but I noticed that for this cup, one side's printed markings don't even match the other side (they're not level).

I prefer glass liquid measuring cups to plastic (for heating, but not cooking in it). I also would like a measuring cup that has more detailed markings: the pyrex seems to have down to the 1/4 cup, but some of my bread machine recipes are asking for liquid measure accuracy to the 1/16th cup (as in "1 and 3/16 cup water").

Anyone have any recommendations for any other glass measuring cups/manufacturers that have a higher "granularity" (more marks?) that have been reasonably accurate??

I also have a metric measuring cup (plastic) but I'm not too sure about accuracy with it either. Would I be better off converting to milliLiters, to get that 1/16 cup?

I don't need labware accuracy. I just want the bread recipes to reliably work.

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