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Linking to Restaurant Listings - Problems and Workarounds

nsxtasy | Aug 31, 201107:59 AM

Lately I've been trying to make sure my posts in the Chowhound regional forums have links to the listings in the restaurant database - you know, when the name and address of the restaurant appear below the post, and on the right below the map where their location is shown. That's nice because it gives people an idea of locations and distances, and lets them click to the listing where they can find various information, often including a link to the restaurant's own website.

I've found a few quirks and problems when doing this; I've also found ways around some, but not all, of them. I'll describe them in separate replies below, in case anyone wants to comment on any specific problem and workaround. And if anyone wants to add any additional problems and workarounds, please feel free!

Perhaps the Chowhound Engineering Team might also want to consider how the software platform could be modified to make these functions work without encountering the problem indicated.

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