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link between cherries and red wine and yogurt?


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link between cherries and red wine and yogurt?

magnolia | Feb 23, 2002 03:15 AM

A friend drank some red wine, and whatever glands there are behind her ears swelled up to the size of a small egg, and became immediately painful. She says this has happened to her before - but never to this extent - when drinking red wine; eating cherries or yogurt.
She's on a waiting list to see a doctor (this is the UK, and as this is not considered life-threatening, she has to wait) but in the meantime, I am just very curious as to whether there's some kind of basic genetic or chemical link between the above? I'm thinking yeast, culture, fermentation, etc. - but 'one of these things is not like the other' keeps coming to mind, that there might be a link between cherries and red wine (fruit) and wine and yogurt - fermentation, some kind of "culture", or whatever...but a link between all three stumps me. Ideas? I've told her to wrack her brains as to whether there's anything else that she has eaten that has the same effect...

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